Humanities, Arts, Architecture, Social and Information Sciences Collaborative (HASIS)

Humanities Division

Todd Presner (Germanic Languages, Comparative Literature, Jewish Studies, Digital Humanities (DH))

Chris Johanson (Classics, DH)

John Dagenais (Spanish & Portuguese, DH)

Willeke Wendrich (Near Eastern Languages & Cultures, DH, Cotsen Institute)

Brian Stefans (English, DH)

Tim Tangherlini (Scandinavian Section, Asian Languages and Cultures, DH)

Maite Zubiaurre (Spanish & Portuguese, DH)

Theater, Film and Television

Stephen Mamber (Film, Television and Digital Media; DH)

School of the Arts and Architecture

Diane Favro (Architecture and Urban Design, DH, Cotsen Insitute)

Casey Reas (Design Media Arts)

Peter Lunenfeld (Design Media Arts, DH)

Eddo Stern (Design Media Arts)

Physical and Social Sciences

Jan Reiff (History/Social Sciences, Statistics/Physical Sciences, DH)

Lynne Zucker (Sociology)

Frances Steen (Communication Studies)

Toby Higbie (History)

Graduate School of Education and Information Studies

Johanna Drucker (Information Studies, DH)

Administration, Staff and Library Advisors

Zoe Borovsky (Collections, Research, and Instructional Services)

Marta Brunner (Collections, Research, and Instructional Services)

Anthony Caldwell (Architecture & Urban Design)

Stephen Davison (Digital Library Program)

Mike Franks (Social Sciences Computing)

Todd Grappone (Library Administration)

Maria Jankowska (Collections, Research, and Instructional Services)

Yoh Kawano (Institute for Digital Research and Education)

Lisa McAulay (Digital Library Program)

Miriam Posner (Digital Humanities)

Annelie Rugg (Humanities)

David Shepard (Humanities)

Lisa M. Snyder (Institute for Digital Research and Education)

Libbie Stephenson (SSGS/Data Archives)